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Bob Pond founder of the Atom plug 1917-2009
Stripers Forever members - some of you may have read about the recent passing of Bob Pond of Attleboro, MA, the creator of the Atom plug.  We can quickly count at least half of Stripers Forever's board who were members of the now defunct Stripers Unlimited organization which Bob Pond founded.  Dick Russell, author of Striper Wars, was an old friend of Bob's and consulted him while he wrote that book.  Dick sent us these words about Bob Pond to share with our membership.  

"The passing of Bob Pond at 92 is a great loss, for he was the true pioneer of striped bass conservation.  Without Bob's sounding the alarm about the striper population in the mid-1960s, long before anyone else thought there was a problem, this magnificent fish would likely have disappeared from Atlantic coastal waters.  After creating the legendary Atom plug used with success by so many anglers, Bob devoted his life to preserving striped bass for future generations.  It is our job now to carry his legacy forward.  Thank you, Bob Pond, and may you rest in peace.   - Dick Russell." 

We at Stripers Forever share those sentiments

Picture below of Bob Pond from Attleboro, MA newspaper

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